Abdino Bartolomeo

Maestro - Great Mace, Great Sword, Great Axe, Warhammer


A man of bear-build and a very brutish demeanour, Abdino is clearly a heavy fighter. Many scars mark his face and body, and he is missing the ring finger of his left hand.

He is a pretty arrogant man, absolutely confident in his abilities – a feat he does his best to reinforce by training himself every morning with multiple opponents. As he specialises in heavy weapons, we is most often seen with a great sword or warhammer on his back. Proudly wearing the academy livery, he can also often be seen in the taverns and ballrooms of Altezza.


Abdino’s early life is seemingly known only by him, as it is a subject he never speaks of. His more recent life emerges immediately as the fencer/ambassador appointed by the Prince of Mirigliano to settle disputes with the North-Eastern lands – which he successfully does by defeating their champion and later negotiating a peace between them and Mirigliano itself.

After this, he served the court for some years and then left in a veil of secrecy to emerge 4 years later in 2523 as a new Maestro in the ‘Maestri Di Grazia’ academy. He seems to be friends with the Grande Maestro, who brought him in.

Abdino Bartolomeo

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