Aleron Gisouviens

Bretonian Noble/Duellist


Typical of men in his family, he has long blond hair and turquoise eyes. He is of average to good build, and speaks with a delicate Bretonian accent.

Whether through experience or fate, he clearly favours typical knightly weapons, such as sword and shield or longsword – although he is savvy with the rapier and sidesword as well.

Often seen in the light blue and green livery of his family in Chateaux De Montlac (His father is the current Marquis De Montlac). Aleron is usually armed with a rapier or a longsword at his side, with a dagger always in his boot.

Should he be heading for a battle, he has his own set of plate armour with his family crest, and a warhorse in the academy stables.


Although his birth was tragically marked by the death of his mother, his father did a very good job of raising him (with the help of his younger sister) while running Chateaux De Montlac in a constant battle against the Orc raiding parties from the massive or the restless undead roaming the fields.

Aleron grew up knowing he will have to spend his life battling the greenskin and the undead, while living at the edge of the frightening and vast Athel Loren. Already at 14 he traveled with armed units patrolling the trade route running along Athel Loren, and at 15 he took part in his first battle against an Orc ambush at the foot of the Massif Orcal.

As the oldest son (he has a 10 years younger brother born to his fathers new wife), it will be his duty to become Lord De Montlac, and if he does his duties well – he shall take on his fathers title of Marquis De Montlac.

It was his choice to travel to Tobaro and study in the ‘Maestri Di Grazia’ academy, as he wanted to become better acquainted with certain weapons and norms. With his father and aunt raising him to become a warrior, he had little time to devote to the study of ethics and heraldry.

He is now a good fighter, ready to serve the Prince of Quenelles in defence of the lands – and a wonderful example of honour and loyalty.

Aleron Gisouviens

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