Alessia Fabiano

Protagonist. Soldier/Fencer.


At 5’4", she isn’t very tall for a fencer of her calibre. She has almost snow-white hair, cut to jaw-length, very distinct purple eyes, and a slender body.

One can usually see her in one of her main sets of clothing: brown/green, grey/blue, or white/gold (this one with a layer of mithril mail in the waistcoat). Sometimes, she will wear her representative sets of clothing of Trantio (red/yellow) or’Maestri Di Grazia’ academy livery (Navy blue/red). Two more elements of clothing she will always have on her are two necklaces – one golden amulet of Myrmidia, and one of a tooth (which came from a defeated beast of chaos in the Tilean sea).

She is confident in her abilities, and won’t turn away from a challenge – a feat that often lands her in trouble with the wrong people. Much like her complete military straightforwardness and honesty.

Armed with an array of weapons (Pistols, Sabre, Rapier, Main Gauche, Arabian Dagger, Sword-Breaker), usually with at least 3 with her, she tends to be ready for most fights.

She has a mark on her lower back, which is not visible to the naked eye – yet can be revealed by the use of the winds of magic. This is a mark put upon her by the elven goddess Morai-Heg (goddess of destiny).

Alessia is missing her right ear and has a number of visible scars from wounds past – down her left cheek and neck, and numerous signs of fights on her chest and legs.


Born in Trantio in 2503 to a small-time trader father and a traditional Tilean mother who worked the fields, Alessia grew up without great prospects. She wanted to learn to fight, a desire possibly brought on by the fact that most of her friends were men, and so practiced quite often.

As she grew up to her early teens, she began practicing with soldiers who entertained her desire to learn more about sword-fighting – this was pretty simple considering her father was friends with the Captain of the local Mirigliano Condotta garrison. She joined the garrison at the very young age 17, already showing impressive abilities with swords. Her friends enlisted soon after. A year later, she left Trantio with the garrison to march in the defence of Mirigliano – and due to staff shortages was given the command of a small group of men to lead in battle. They suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of a skaven horde, which already took the walls of Mirigliano by the time the Condotta arrived.

Alessia Fabiano

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