Claudio Escarbez

Maestro, Specialist in Military Tactics & 'Dirty' Fencing


You can see he has been through many battles, as he is well dressed in scars throughout his body.

This Estalian Veteran has dark brown hair and a beard, and is usually seen smiling – in line with his friendly demeanour. In fights, he favours dirty tactics and efficiency over grace and style. And this is what he teaches.

Ever since his close brush with death at the hands of an Eshin clan assassin’s blade, he walks with a slight limp on his left leg.

Usually armed with his faithful ornate sidesword and pistol (pistol being a gift from the King of Avila for his services).


Before he reached the stage of being called an Estalian Veteran and Fencing Maestro, he climbed the ranks of the Avila army. Being the son of a local Baron, he quickly became an officer – but unlike most that were brought up that quickly, he proved very capable.

As Lieutenant he participated in battles against the Obregon Kingdom invasion, which calmed down after the Kingdom of Tigarre amassed it’s army by the northern borders of the Obregon lands. He became captain after completing his time at the Los Cabos Escuela De Batalla (Battle School), and took part in the political mission to curb a peasants revolt in Belmoz – the capital of the neighbouring Santoyo Kingdom. His services to the Santoyo and Avila crowns were recognised, and he was promoted to Commendante.

In the year 2520, just as Commendante Escarbez was put in charge of the North-Western Sea forts, a Dark Elf force landed. He held for long, but lost the area. Despite this, he was promoted to Coronel in order to march back with an army to take back the area. Together with forces from the Kingdom of Santoyo and a force from the Obregon Kingdom (recognising the threat a Dark Elf stronghold means to everyone), they drove the Followers of Khaine out of Estalia. The battle of Caborana (a small village at the foot of the North-Western Miramar hills) will be well remembered, as it was then that Coronel Escarbez beat a Dark Elf force despite being outnumbered 2 to 1 in open battle – purely through his use of the local geography and flanking manoeuvres.

He was offered the position of Maestro in the ‘Maestri Di Grazia’ academy by Grande Maestro Sebastiano Cortez 2 years later and took it, retiring from the army.

At the academy, in 2524, he was struck by a poisoned blade belonging to a Clan Eshin assassin – when defending Alessia Fabiano who was the actual target. He barely survived, owing his life to the most powerful magic and alchemy available in Tobaro.

He now teaches only theory and battle tactics, although he won’t stop himself from some theoretical advice on ‘dirty’ fencing.

Claudio Escarbez

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