Jakusch Draken

Maestro - Firearms, Spear, Polearms, Poleaxe.


He has short grey hair and a small beard. Jakusch’s voice is quite deep, although rarely heard as he talks only when he must. Occasionally he will open up to conversation, but this is very rare and typically only amongst his peers. He has a thick Imperial accent, but his Tilean is fluent. As is his Khazalid.

He has a number of cuts and burn wounds on his body, most burns caused by black powder explosions. His choice of weapons would be long range rifles and pistols – and he usually carries a couple pistols with him.

Often, he will wear a light mail shirt under a waistcoat. During teaching, he puts on a breast plate with the crest of the Ostermark Pistoliers.

He owns two gorgeous horses in the academy stables – both light warhorses, and both experienced in battle. They are his personal pride, and he can often be seen taking care of them in his spare time and taking them for a ride outside the city.


Very little is known of his past, apart from the fact that he was a Pistolier in the Ostermark army.

He has been a Maestro at the academy for a few years now, and seems to have a particular dislike of Orcs.

He speaks Khazalid, which may suggest he spent some time with the children of Grungni.

Jakusch Draken

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