Larue Beaumont

Maestro - Rapier, Duelling Rules, Sidesword


A tall Bretonian of long and black hair – usually tied in a pony tail, Larue is a stipule Bretonian duellist.

He chooses his words carefully, and is nigh on perfectly mannered. Having said that, he does have a tendency to get agitated and slightly impatient with students – not to mention ones that interrupt or mess around.

He does not have a Bretonian accent when speaking Tilean, and he is also fluent in Reikspiel.

Often armed with a rapier or a sidesword, and on the academy grounds he also carries around a training rapier so as to always be ready for students – displaying his dedication to being a Maestro. In fights, he tends to disarm opponents simply by the use and control of his blade.


When Larue was born in Castle Artois, his father was the Castellan of that fortress. Having done the role for many years, he kept doing it for the new prince – Chilfroy. Larue assisted in anything he could, and trained to fight regularly with the many knights stationed in the castle.

When he grew up slightly, he left for the Academie D’Arme of L’Anguille, where he not only learned fencing amongst the many castles and beneath the beam of the elven lighthouse, – but also took interest in sailing.

Gaining a good reputation while in service for a number of local nobles and merchants, he was invited to serve the court of Lyonesse. This almost started a political incident, as his father remained Castellan of Castle Artois – and thus Larue was accused of spying. The situation eased quickly, when his talents were noticed by Duke Adalbert of Castle Tankred. He was invited to join his court, as there were many duels taking part there against various Imperial nobles. His skills were also used to train more fighters in the Castle – a role he was very comfortable with.

Having gained an excellent reputation, he decided to start over in Tilea. This plan did not remain for long, as when he was leaving Marienburg for the harbour of Luccini he met a Swordmaster from the ‘Maestri Di Grazia’ academy. This man, named Rivaldo Tornetti, quickly convinced Larue to join the academy as an instructor – and they left the ship during its short stay in Aquilas to travel by land to Tobaro. Since then, Maestro Beaumont has been an intstructor at the academy – occasionally devoting his time to sailing aboard his small single-sailed fishing boat (together with a small crew of 3). In light of this and a duelling favour he did, he is an honorary member of the Tobaro Navigators Guild – having access to maps of the Fools Rocks and being taught the art of manoeuvring the islands.

Larue Beaumont

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