Luiza Valente

Marquesa of Solsona


Long, black hair, always left to fall in waves alongside her temples – very rarely tied in a pony tail. She has impeccable taste in style and is always dressed in the best clothing, fitting each occasion appropriately. Her soft and very confident voice makes her pleasant and joyful character come through very well. She will often sound as though she knows more than she let’s on (And this is usually the case), a talent she couples with a confident stride as well as an ability of manoeuvre social circles perfectly both with her presence and her speech alone.

Never armed, yet always with an armed guard at the ready (together with her personal valet).


She was born in Trafuro, beneath the rock upon which Tobaro stands, amongst the worst gangs and villainy known on the Western shores of the Tilean Sea.

Very few people know how her early life developed and changed, to make her a regular in the Tobaro Court and then the Marquesa Di Solsona. Theories are endless, from adoption, through many dubious accusations, to favours owed to her father for services rendered. All that is known for sure, is that one day she appeared in Court and no-one questioned her presence there – it was as though everyone know her there and then.

After her first visit, she became a constant presence, loved by everyone – both man and woman alike. She probably knows more secrets and scandals than anyone, making her not just the most loved but also amongst the most feared (perhaps as much as the Principe himself).

She moved to Solsona in the spring of 2525, having accepted the proposal of the local Marques (Diego Robledo). Although she is not as regular in the Tobaro Court as before, she is still seen often. Now also seen the some of the Estalian Courts, and as hostess of some fine evenings in Solsona.

Luiza Valente

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