Niccolo Saleri

Mercenary Captain/Veteran. Alessia's first commander.


A tall and strongly built man, of short greying hair and a trimmed beard – with a short moustache. In his late 40’s, this man moves as though he is no older than 25 in battle.

A deep voice, resonating with wisdom, together with his strategic mind and military wit fit his appearance perfectly – all developed over many years at war.

When in battle or battle-ready, he will wear plate armour perfectly moulded to his body. He will be armed with a heavy shield and a sword, with a short axe at his side.

When relaxed, he will wear his family livery of red and gold – adorning a red tunic with the family crest, black trousers, and a white shirt. Underneath the tunic he will have a waistcoat with a slightly thicker layer of leather for protection – also on the back. Even when in civil clothing, he will have his belt with a sword in its sheath on him and a pistol.


Niccolo Saleri was born in Tobaro to a very wealthy merchant family. His father is the Guild Master of the Saleri Company, an organisation spanning many cities and controlling a powerful mercenary force.

He grew up training to fight and would often assist in the protection of convoys, rarely taking part in the less pleasant activities of his families trading company (see Wiki).

Over time, he decided to move away from the family business and begin work with his own mercenary company. He was part of many Condotta’s over the years – fighting throughout Tilea and other lands of the old world, in all manner of wars and sieges. He commanded the troops that retook the Estalian gate-town of Durango from a Bretonian force. He was the chef tactitian of the Condotta that broke the siege of Ravola by a renegade Condotta from the area of Campogrotta trying to set up a new principality. His men fought along-side the dwarves when re-taking Zhart Un Zhuf Valdahaz from a goblin army. His reputation is now wide, and his advice sought after by many a prince. He has never taken the step from Captain into the senior reaches, as he never wanted to change from his favourite part of the military life.

As he became captain of a regiment in the Condotta of Mirigliano, he was put in charge of the occupying force in Trantio. There, he became friends with Mario Fabiano, Alessia’s father. As Alessia joined his troops to train, they were moved to join the main Condotta army to defend Mirigliano from a supposed Skaven invasion. After the crushing defeat and sacking of Mirigliano, he escaped with a few of his troops and, together with Alessia, eventually returned to Tobaro. He commands a good unit of 30 troops plus officers and sergeants, 10 of whom are heavy soldiers.

Most recently, he took part in the breaking of the siege of Montecastello by an army from the border princes – in the Condotta of Collonello Mario Testori.

Niccolo Saleri

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