Nimr Al-Sharaf

Arabian Swordmaster. Companion of Alessia.


He is a dark, short-haired Arabian man. Nimr has many times proven he is an excellent swordmaster wielding two curved blades of incredible quality. Always also armed with throwing knives, usually dressed in black with light armour underneath his clothing.

Speaks only to people he knows very well, and has a tendency to lose his ruthlessly rational approach if he is given the chance to end the life of a slaver. An absolute liability to have with you if in a town that has a slave-ship stationed in its harbour.

When he does speak, he is very brief and to-the-point, typically highlighting his opinion or observation in little more than a sentence.

Only in battle will he put on mail armour and light plate elements – which he does always take with him for some unknown reason.


Born in Al-Haikk. Was taken into slavery, where he murdered his slavemaster (for torturing Nimr’s parents). Sentenced to death, and rescued by Socrate – his closest friend since then.

He was once hired by Accademia ‘Maestri Di Grazia’ together with Socrate to protect Alessia, who was then a young trainee fencer. After the assignment was complete, they decided to join her and work with her on her various travels and jobs – taking a cut of the pay, but not being payed for by the academy anymore.

Nimr Al-Sharaf

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