Sebastiano Cortez

Grande-Maestro of the 'Maestri Di Grazia' fencing academy.


He, as one would expect of a world-renowned fencer, is very well built – despite being almost 50. He has short black hair, with many hints of grey, and a thick and wide moustache. There are sign of many fights on his face, yet most of them in his gaze rather than in the form of wounds.

Rarely dressed in the same clothing, he favours utilitarian and protective clothing over simple white shirts and well fitted trousers.

When armed, although rarely seen like these these days, he has a heavy rapier of the very highest quality and dwarven craft. Apart from this, jewel-decorated dwarven-made pistols, an elven-crafted main gauche, and a simple and undecorated dagger.


His past is not very well known – or at least the earlier part.

What is known is that he spent some time training in the Estalian ‘Iluminados’ fencing academy, then moved to the ‘Maestri Di Grazia’ academy and the Accademia Militare di Luccini. He was hired as the Royal Fencer of the Luccini prince, and served there making it the most dreaded court to fence. During his tenure, of 150 duels he lost not a single one.

An Imperial fencer came to Luccini, wishing to fight Sebastiano. He was not allowed, as the prince did not invite him to court – which prompted an accusation of fear. Following this, Sebastiano left Luccini and went to the Emipire, challenging the fencers of each of the Electors – and finally defeating the Emperor’s Royal Guardian in a fight. This spread his fame and sealed his name in the books of fencing history and it’s champions.

He returned to Tilea, and took on the running of the ‘Maestri Di Grazia’ fencing academy, which was at the time struggling due to political pressure from the prince – who was trying to take the academy over and make it his personal guard’s training ground. Political struggles continued, and under Grande Maestro Sebastiano Cortez – the academy prospered. Recently, there has been a rekindling of relations with the prince, in exchange for training the Guard once a week.

Sebastiano Cortez

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