Sharlene Dealavade

Teacher - Ethics, Heraldry, Diplomacy


A classically beautiful Bretonian woman of blonde hair and perfectly grey eyes. She has a delicate, yet confident voice – and will always gladly give advice on her chosen subjects if asked.

She will make her disapproval of certain ill-mannered situation known, but she will do this by a gaze and an expression – not by voicing concern.

Her knowledge of Politics – especially Bretonian, but more locally Tobaran, is very deep. All the pretty understandable for the cousin of the King of Bretonnia.

She does not carry weapons of any kind, but always has a personal guard nearby. A Bretonian soldier in Couronne livery by the name of Thibault Labauve.


Born daughter to the sister of the current King of Bretonnia, Sharlene grew up amongst royalty and high nobility. Her mother was given the title of Duchess, and together with her husband (Rochard Dealavade) became Baron and Baroness Chantillon after the crowning of King Louen Coeur De Lion.

Young Sharlene grew up to be very influential in the court of Couronne, however it seems that this life was not for her. She chose to leave Bretonnia and move to Tobaro – to step away from the difficult politics of the very highest echelons of Bretonnian nobility. She lived there for 3 years before being asked by her friend Sebastiano Cortez whether she would like to teach at the ‘Maestri Di Grazia’ academy. She accepted and has taught there since 2520.

She lives in a small, yet very beautiful tower mansion in Altezza.

Sharlene Dealavade

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