Socrate Videni

Tilean Mercenary. Alessia's Companion.


Slightly dark skin, even for a Tilean, probably due to the years he spent in Arabia. He has shoulder-length, black hair and a trimmed stubble. He uses oils and is, for lack of a better term, a well maintained and handsome man.

He always wears a thick leather waistcoat, tunic/coat, and some light leather armour elements on his legs and forearms. He is tall and well built – and favouring dark colours with red elements, as well as wearing a wide brimmed hat, he looks quite intimidating to the average person in the Old World.

He will typically be armed with a long cavalry sabre blade of high quality, two pistols, throwing knives, and an assortment of experimental weapons hidden in various elements of his clothing.

He likes a drink and is pretty flirtatious and bashful – enjoying spending his hard-earned money on the simplest of often best forms of entertainment available to a man. Often seen smiling, his light-handed approach skilfully conceals an excellent mercenary’s mind and an ability to observe and judge the battlefield equal to that of a hawk.


His past was never discussed in detail, and all that is known is that as a mercenary he definitely spent time in Estalia, Tilea, and Araby.

In Araby, he worked for the Caliph in Al-Haikk – where he rescued a slave by the name of Nimr from beheading. Since then, he is probably considered a persona-non-grata in that city.

Socrate Videni

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