Varden Camdessus

NOT a Travelling Scribe


Black hair, combed back and held back with a little animal fat; a small beard and goatee; piercing light brown eyes; sharp features are all characteristics of his face.

He is quite slim, usually well dressed, and favours slightly darker colours such as navy blue, black, dark brown, or even dark violet.

He speaks slowly and has a rather low voice – seemingly thinking for quite some time before speaking.

He isn’t seen armed, but usually has a small case of writing utensils as well as a book.


Varden worked as a scribe in the Royal Courts of Couronne, after which he made enough money to begin travelling.

Having spent some time in various cities in Tilea, he appeared on an island that had major problems with the undead – this was where he met Alessia Fabiano. Following that meeting, they once more met in Tobaro, where by coincidence he was hired to perform scribe and archiving work for the ‘Maestri Di Grazia’ academy.

Aside from this very little is known about Varden.

Varden Camdessus

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