Solsona Priest of Myrmidia


A man whose face shows evidence of many years of fighting. His voice is calm and teaming with wisdom. His body build suggests he is not one to bring out of that calmness. Now adorning white and blue robes of the priesthood of Myrmidia, a glimpse of his past can be seen through the pendant on his neck – a symbol of Order of the Blazing Sun.

He usually holds his spear with him, using it as a staff.


Not much is known about his past, apart from the fact that he was indeed a member of the Order of the Blazing Sun. This tells us he probably travelled a lot, and he is indeed not at home – as he is Tilean.

He now heads the temple of Myrmidia in Solsona, with a few younger priests and a number of acolytes – often serving the Marques with advice on tactics and battle strategy.


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