Solson Guard Sergeant


A well built man, around 45 years old, with a coarse voice – developed over years of being a sergeant in the Solsonian Guard. He is very nice to the ones he might call ‘his own’, and can be described as a ‘typical sergeant’ to others (cold, unpleasant).

When on duty, seen in a breastplate and his morion. His rapier by his side, and a shield hanging off his left shoulder.


A sergeant with more years experience in this role that Alessia has lived, he knows every trick in the book. The last 5 years he is one of the sergeants guarding the ‘rich’ quarter, but he can often been seen consulted by senior officers due to his experience and knowledge of the city.

He never wanted to be an officer, and his character does not suit the role. He prefers to be closer to his men, and be allowed to drink together with them casually. His whole life was in Solsona, where he has a wife and three children (All live in a small house behind the ‘Guardhouse’ inn).


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