Montrel Coya

Solsona Physician, Noble


A handsome man, with a slight northern Estalian accent. Very confident of his own knowledge, although not in a stand-offish way. He has a goatee and short, dark blond hair.

Usually seen with his assistant, Cesaro, he lives in a large flat above the jewellers. Always well dressed, typically in dark blue and red clothing, he also carries a couple pouches and small bottles by his belt. He has one larger pouch that opens up to reveal a surgeons toolkit.


Born in Almagora to a successful condottiero, he was raised by his mother. He rarely saw his father or older brother, both of whom traveled Estalia in the name of various kings. Instead, he spent most of his time with his younger sister and mother. With little else to do, he took up studying and learned to read. Having gotten his hands on a number of old medical books, he learned the theory of a physician.

As he grew, he began writing and practising his art – quickly gaining a very good reputation. At the age of 28 he left Almagora for Solsona, a decision that was sudden and unexpected. Rumour says that his father caught him with a male servant and could not bare his son falling to such untamed lust – demanding he leave with him immediately for war in the mountains, under contract from the County of Durango. Montrel refused, choosing to leave for Solsona instead and cutting contacts with his family – although he remains in touch with his mother by letter.

As he arrived in Solsona, he began work from a small room in a squalid inn, somewhere in the poor quarter. A couple years later, his fortunes returned as he was visited by one of the nobles under suggestion from a servant. His noble title was granted to him after he saved the Marques’ life from a disease known as ‘Tilean Revenge’.

It is said that Cesaro, his assistant and student, is also his lover. A rumour made more probably considering they live together.

Montrel Coya

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