Solsona Merchant


A woman still under forty, with good tastes and typically in red and black clothing. She is very confident in her manners and will often get her way purely by not accepting anyone else’s opinion.

Often seen with a young man, rarely with the same one.

She has a confident stride and can be spotted with a small dagger at her side (with a beautiful ebony handle).


She is the only daughter of an Estalian merchant, who lost his fortune to alcohol and gambling. Having to live off less reputable jobs, she saved enough to eventually pay off some of her fathers more dangerous debts – and bought enough time to repay the rest.

She then took over the family business, which by then consisted of a single wagon and an old horse. 10 years on she owns 3 wagons, a number of horses, a house in Solsona, and employs enough people to relax and live off the earnings as she manages the small business.

She claims to have no desire to grow, saying it would attract too much attention from the larger trading companies and it would mean she has to get involved in the guild politics – neither of which she has any desire to do. Instead, she prefers to own a small and well maintained trading operation – mainly transporting wheat from Solsona to the capital, and sometimes moving goods that have moved from Tobaro onwards, deeper into Estalia (although very rarely leaving the kingdom).


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