Solsona 'Guardhouse' Innkeeper


A burly and tall Bretonnian man, with a mustache. Typically quite friendly and used to many foreign guests (‘Guardhouse’ is a large tavern on the market, right by the Solsona gates). He speaks Riekspiel, Estalian, Breton, and Tilean. He can just get by in Arabic.

If annoyed, his voice proves very loud and powerful – but this skill is rarely used. He will prefer to give one of his tavern guards a look (to make them sort out any issues).


Back in Bretonnia, Remi was the son of the owner of a fortified inn by the borders with Mousillon. The inn was by the border with Bordeleaux, and was a traditional stopping ground for knights venturing towards the Duchy of the Damned.

The inn probably still prospers, but Remi did not want to live through the constant battle with the neighbours (supposedly, they were attacked at least twice each week). So he was given funds to start work in Estalia, and moved. Initially, he worked in various taverns learning the language and concealing his wealth – hidden in the Dwarven bank.

Eventually, he purchased a small tavern in the poor quarter of Solsona. As the business grew, and as the building of the new guardhouse was complete, he saw an opportunity. He went into a partnership with one of his wealthier guests (his tavern’s reputation reached beyond the poor quarter), and bought the old guardhouse. After a bit of work, it opened and is now by far the most successful Inn in Solsona. A year ago, Remi bought his partner out and is now the sole owner.


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